Empowering society by delivering quality education to marginalized communities in the most inaccessible areas through digital learning.

Dr. Kiran Pandurang is one of the prominent advocates in the educational domain within Karnataka. At present, he serves as the Founder of The RRR Education and Charitable Trust, established in 2016. The Trust works for all students’ high academic accomplishments across levels, from primary school through college. The Trust’s goal is to close the gaps in opportunity and progress that relegate several low-income students to lives on the margins of mainstream society.


For several years, The Trust has gained recognition as a dominant force in serving the nation through a wide array of institutes of higher education and learning. The Trust also collaborates with various stakeholders to transform schools and colleges into centers of learning that serve the students well.



A native of Bidar, he founded the Trust to provide modern education in a rural setting and assist students in achieving educational success. As a guest speaker, he has spoken in several conferences about progressive strategies for educational improvement in front of thousands of educationalists, community members, business leaders, and policymakers. 


His pleasing personality, commendable conduct, and excellent character earned him a special place in the hearts and minds of all teachers and students with whom he interacted. The family is known for its philanthropy, code of conduct, and ethics. Virtues such as charity and selfless service found an embodiment in Dr. Kiran Pandurang. He donated to the needy and supported those who sought help from him. 


He has always kept the teacher-student relationship at the heart of all the institutions’ academic activities and directed the organization forward to fulfill the mission of living in a society where each individual’s life is changed through an outstanding education.


Over the years, the organization’s reputation has changed along with its people and leadership team, but the commitment to improving standards in education has stayed the same. His investment in educational infrastructure, comprehensive education research at present, and charitable nature and keen social consciousness is a reflection that the Trust is in it for the long haul.  

Under the leadership of Dr. Kiran Pandurang, The RRR Education and Charitable Trust will continue to work with governments and policymakers to ensure quality education. Since the inception of the Trust, we have been doing a significant amount of great work and are proud that our expansion has continued from a strong starting point. Because of the growth and diversification of knowledge, the name “The RRR Education and Charitable Trust” is representative of who we are and what we do. We are delighted to continue to offer the best of services – our people, our diverse experience, our values, and our expertise for the progress of students and the welfare of society.

Strong advocates for the academic excellence of all students – especially those from the marginalized communities