Programs Offered


The school runs by The R.R.R. Education and Charitable Trust is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.




The Kindergarten consists of Nursery, L.K.G., and U.K.G.; it admits children aged three years and above. Since Kindergarten is the phase where the groundwork is laid for a student’s future, we take the highest care to make the foundation strong and sturdy. A system of informal assessment is adapted, assessing students based on classwork, theme-based assignments, and observation. An evaluation report highlighting the different facets of the student’s development is presented to the parents twice a year.  


Primary, Secondary & High School


The Primary, Secondary and High School sections consist of classes from standard 1 to standard 10. Our institutions offer below mentioned programs under Primary, Secondary and High School sections.

  • The Primary (Lower Primary) consists of Classes from standard 1 to 4
  • Middle School (Upper Primary) consists of Classes from standard 5 to 7
  • High school consists of Classes from standard 8 to 10

The minimum age for seeking admission for Class 1 is six years. The Curriculum is taught based on collaborative learning; students work in a group for handling assignments, and teachers facilitate all the team activities. Our system of evaluation has adopted a holistic approach to a student’s development.




The P.U.C. course consists of classes 11 and 12; we offer science, arts, and commerce streams. The P.U.C. Science program seeks to raise a dedicated interest in science; students will gain knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology/Electronics/Comp Science in an environment that stimulates healthy competition and boosts their logical abilities. 


The syllabus of Commerce is effectively designed for the students to progress their career in the field of Accounts and Business Management. The arts syllabus has been created with a broad vision to encourage the students to develop their hidden talent, intellectual curiosity, and creative capabilities.


Paramedical Degree College


The Paramedical Courses offered by us on interdisciplinary subjects in the health care domain are incredibly relevant in the existing patient care environment. Our highly professional and well-trained Paramedical students will bridge the widening demand and supply gap in the medical profession. After completing the course, a paramedic can get job opportunities in government/private hospitals, clinics, trauma centers, etc. They can also opt for specialization courses and secure job opportunities in India as well as overseas. Our paramedic students have been trained to handle emergency medical services and support facilities that function 24/7. 


Students who complete our course will gain expertise in spinal injury management, fracture management, handling burns, and evaluating a fundamental incident outlook. They are also well equipped with medical equipment maintenance processes, radio operating systems, along with the operation of emergency vehicles.